Ocean Motion Energy is a renewable energy company based out of Boca Raton, Florida, incorporated in 2011. We developed a patent pending technology, SeaBreeze™, which is capable of generating energy from the ocean’s currents and offshore wind. Through the use of direct drives and lightweight yet durable material composites, our system is able to reach incredibly high efficiencies. SeaBreeze™ is a hybrid design that is able to capture energy from offshore wind and powerful ocean surface currents, maximizing the capacity of energy generation as well as reducing capital costs. The end result is a low Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) that competes with the renewable energy market prices. SeaBreeze™ technology leads the way into the future of hybrid-renewable energy production.

The company’s mission is to provide zero-emission, renewable energy to the electrical grid at competitive costs.

         Supplying reliability, predictability, and now cost competitive rates, renewable energy is on the forefront of major market expansion. Ocean Motion Energy plans to accelerate the process to commercial and utility scale power plants with the advancement of innovative design, performance testing and composite materials, while managing the logistics and risks necessary to drive down cost, providing great Return on Investment (ROI). Now is the time to catch the wave of ocean energy and feel the immense power that could be yours.

         Recent trends in technologies have enabled exponential growth in the renewable energy market.  The total addressable market for Ocean Motion Energy is expected to grow rapidly, and we plan to capitalize on this growth.